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Mr Alex 4 years ago • updated by Support (Developer) 4 years ago 1
Hi there!
I'm using this program for a while and is super good. I'm now on windows 8.1 and i like this facility:

Now I don't know if it is possibile, but can you add in this menu the temperatures of computer, something like this:

An the possibility to change position of this menu.

Thanks you!

Under review
Dmitry Puzanov 4 years ago • updated by nezic 3 years ago 4
First of all I would like to say big Thank You for such a great tool!
I would suggest few improvements for Snapshots function which can make this tool more usable, competitively in comparence with exist snapshot tools and can attract a lot of new users for professional using.
1. Registry and Files would better split to separate tabs.
2. Tree view in combination with list view will make review of snapshots more convenient.
3. Ability to explore resources is great, however will be very useful if you add ability to exporting to .reg file changed registry entries by right click on necessary node.
Thank you in advance
Support (Developer) 4 years ago
Thank you very much for suggestions.. We will review how to implement it.
Under review
Ronald Feddersen 4 years ago • updated by Robert Headley 3 years ago 32
Would like to reinstall if it can be fixed, have used it for years and like it very much. Just a guess, but I am running 64bit WIN7 & I didn't see an option for that on the latest, 4.5.0 download.
akr.rka 4 years ago • updated by Support (Developer) 4 years ago 4

Column "Start Time" shows the Time UTC without offset (for example, for Moscow should be UTC +4). Please Fix it. Thanks.

Support (Developer) 4 years ago
Should be fixed in version 4.6.0.
becakfantasi 3 years ago 0
error messages : system explorer service start failed do you want register again?
Under review
Adrian Man 3 years ago • updated by talkinrock 3 years ago 6
Using system explorer 5.5.
1. I cannot delete registry items from HKLM. Cannot delete item. lasterror = 122 is generated. Deleting works on wow64node HKLM or HKCU.
2. How can I disable the tray popup? In previous versions it worked.
Dean-Ryan Stone 4 years ago • updated by Support (Developer) 4 years ago 4
I have a process running named irsetup.exe. If I type setup into the filter box when viewing all processes, all processes disappear and nothing is listed. However, as soon as I start typing irs the image name irsetup.exe appears. Is it possible to make the filter work like a substring search, instead of the way it works now (ie etu would match setup.exe and xxetuzz)? Or, at least, have wildcard support so that *setup would match irsetup.exe and zsetupz.exe? Thx! --Dhry
Support (Developer) 4 years ago
The wildcard version could be useful. Thanks for tip
Andrew R Cacossa 4 years ago • updated by Support (Developer) 4 years ago 2
Not all processes show up in SE but are in Task Manager. I have 2 Win 7 64bit PC's. One is OK.
Support (Developer) 4 years ago
Should be fixed in version 4.6.0. 
SD68768 3 years ago • updated by Duarte Farrajota Ramos 3 years ago 3
Please add Graphic card metrics to your performance tab, It can be an option if needed for performance reasons. Thanks..