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Many errors in version 5.0

zoeff50 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 8
Performance and Networking modules are not working (on Win8.1).
When moving mouse to upper right corner of screen CPU and memory window pops up, however when dragging mouse down this window does not expand anymore.
Re-installed version 4.70; everything working ok.
Under review
I tried invoke this bug but all works ok..could you please send me logs? please follow http://systemexplorer.net/onlinehelp.php?t=troubleshooting
Just downloaded and installed v.5.01 and everything is working ok now. One comment, I found out that left of screen menu option does not exist anymore, no problem. Top of screen tabs are also ok.
Thank you very much for feedback. Left menu was removed from this version.
Again troubles with SE 5.01, both on Win8.1 and Win7 laptops.
With autostart System Explorer enabled, startup of both laptops takes ages; system seems to freeze, no hard disk activity after some time. SE Icon in system tray does not come up fully. When you hoover the mouse over the icon the black transparent windows opens without data. This black window also extends from btm to top of screen. When you move the mouse to the upr right corner of the screen the black window with CPU and memory data opens but you cannot drag the window downwards. When you click on the SE icon in the system tray, the full SE window opens. When you want to close this window again, a number of times  the complete system freezes/ locks up. This happens on both laptops. Reboot also not possible. Unplug the power plug and restart again. Used Wise Disk Cleaner program, but the program is responding very slow; exited SE and disk cleaner program running smooth.
De-installed SE 5.01 and everything running smoothly. Re-installed SE 5.01 and same troubles again. De-installed SE 5.01 and re-installed old version SE and everything running smoothly as usual.
I love SE What is happening?
Most of 5.0 bugs should be fixed in 5.5...could you please check it ?
Version 5.5 runs smoothly now on both Win7 x64 and Win 8.1 x64 laptops. Thank you.