Not all processes are showing in the Processes Tab

Howie Mirkin 6 years ago updated by BlueSky2 6 years ago 1
System Explorer Version, Win 7 Pro
I am running some processes in sandboxes (Sandboxie 4.12 www.sandboxie.com)).  
Under the Tasks Tab, I can see both instances of Firefox, but under the processes tab neither one appears.
But when I opened this web site by going to Help / Product Support, Firefox.exe appeared briefly in processes below System Explorer.  I also noticed this happening in the last version or build (not sure which), but never noticed it before that.
I am having related problems with System Explorer 5.9.2 and 5.9.4 with Win8.1U1 Pro x64.  Process Explorer shows about 50 processes, while SE shows about 5.  I saw this problem with SE even before I installed Sandboxie.