Freezes When Closing Chrome

Liana Clark 6 years ago updated by Support (Developer) 6 years ago 2
I have a problem with Google Chrome in that after it runs for a while, it stops loading web pages. I can exit the program using the menu but cannot re-start it. When I look in System Explorer, there is still a running Chrome process that is using a lot of memory, but when I try to get System Explorer to end task, System Explorer freezes and the whole system needs to be rebooted. I will mention that this also occurs when I try to use task manager to end the running Chrome process as well.

I have tried to get help for the Chrome issue from Google without success. What I'm hoping here is that you can help me sort out why System Explorer cannot stop this running process without freezing.

Thanks in advance.
Under review
Unfortunatelly this must be solved by Chrome developers. I hope it's working now..after 3 months.