Please add Graphic card metrics..

SD68768 6 years ago updated by Duarte Farrajota Ramos 6 years ago 3
Please add Graphic card metrics to your performance tab, It can be an option if needed for performance reasons. Thanks..
This would be a fantastic feature, indeed!

Typically I use MSI Afterburner when using an application that I know will be GPU-heavy, but if System Explorer could show GPU usage (with an FPS/usage overlay sometime down the line, possibly?) that would mean one less program I need to load up when I play a game, use CAD, or run an Adobe CS app.

Additionally, besides the fact it would be nice to not have to use an additional tool, the fact that GPU usage would always be monitored would be brilliant! This means (among other things) that if there was a piece of software that I wouldn't think would use much or any GPU resources, if it does, I would now know that. In other words, if there was an application that I wouldn't normally think to boot up MSI Afterburner for (in order to monitor GPU usage) I would know that it does actually use my GPU now, because SE can monitor and tell me it.
Have a look at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb...

If you click on the graphs it will show GPU functions as well as CPU functions.

BTW: Your program rocks.
I would also definitely love to see a GPU usage graph like the on Process Explorer or Process Hacker.
I currently use Process Explorer over System Explorer because of graphics usage, but your tabbed UI is so much better, easier in the eyes and makes much netter use of screen real estate, I would love to change applications.