Please change option to show Info Panel in ANY corner - some of us have the Windows Taskbar at the top of the screen !

morph prime 6 years ago updated by Rob 5 months ago 3
I have the Windows Taskbar at the top of the screen. This means that if I select the "Show Info Panel when mouse is in right top corner" option, it is very difficult to get the panel to show because the Windows Taskbar has its "Show Desktop" button in that corner.  Please consider enhancing the option to allow the user to select which corner to use to show the Info Panel.
Thank you for suggestion.
This is a really brilliant idea, I've been using system explorer as my default for windows task manager for over 3 years simply because of this very handy feature. It's saved me the hassle of going to different windows to check my cpu and ram usage on countless occasions. Please please, upgrade this feature and let the user customize this feature, here are some useful customization options I've thought of:

  • customize the time taken to view the info panel when you hover, e.g. o.1 seconds, o.5 seconds, 
  • choose where to put the mouse on the screen, different corners, or highlight a certain area on the screen e.g. square, circle
  • change the place where the info panel will show up, what size it will be, what color (make them minimalistic styles that look nice :) , what shape e.g. circle (maybe)
  • choose the refresh rate of the information on the panel e.g. 0.5 times a second, every second.
  • the ability for the user to choose what shows on the info panel e.g. 
  1. the top 5 most cpu intensive programs and the ability to end these processors quickly from the info panel
  2. perhaps if the user has a certain program to read the temperature of the cpu and gpu you can have those readings as well, and have the gpu usage info as well.
  3. have the fps of the highest performing program, and/or the ability to show the frames per second of any program running, and have the info panel monitor specific programs. This is especially handy if you're trying to monitor the performance of a specific program under the stress of another program.
  4. have the ability to show download and upload speeds, and show what program is using the most internet, and/or choose to monitor the internet usage of a specific program.
  5. have the ability to show programs using the most threads, and/or choose to monitor the threads of a specific program
those are a few I found to be useful, overall system explorer is a brilliant tool and easily replaces windows task manager or any system monitoring tool I've come across, honestly some programs brag about there beautiful user interface, but your minimalistic and user friendly design, is just unbeatable. Not only does it reduce the cpu and memory usage of the program, system explorer is also down to the point, shows you what info you need and get's the job done fast and efficiently. Please include these additional features in a new update.

I would love to have the option to see the Info Panel ALL of the time. I think that would be great. I've been looking for a product to do this but I haven't been successful.