I noticed this New PID=4 PPID=4 䀀T⼀G甀┆䙥ش6 What is this? For me, it looks like malicious or a rmote access tool [RAT]. It's sending bytes and receiving also.

Mohammed Mazhar 6 years ago 0
New PID=4 PPID=4 䀀T⼀G甀┆䙥ش6 

It's a system process with PID numbered 4 and protocol UDP. Local address is ras.beamtele.net and local port is netbios ns and local port 137 UDP. beamtele is the name of my Internet Service Provider [ISP]. It's sending packets. Further, the last word is in Arabic. My ISP is Indian and not Arabic. Is this normal? I feel there is a remote access tool [RAT] in the process because of the Arabic characters. Your analysis and advice is required.