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Extend Snapshots tab functionality

Dmitry Puzanov 6 years ago updated by nezic 6 years ago 4
First of all I would like to say big Thank You for such a great tool!
I would suggest few improvements for Snapshots function which can make this tool more usable, competitively in comparence with exist snapshot tools and can attract a lot of new users for professional using.
1. Registry and Files would better split to separate tabs.
2. Tree view in combination with list view will make review of snapshots more convenient.
3. Ability to explore resources is great, however will be very useful if you add ability to exporting to .reg file changed registry entries by right click on necessary node.
Thank you in advance


Under review
Thank you very much for suggestions.. We will review how to implement it.
I want to say to the author of this beautiful tool “Thanks, it is awesome!”. And I agree with Dmitry Puzanov that snapshot tool can be better.
First of all there is some issue with jumping to the 32-bit registry places. It will be great if program will have better compatibility with 64-bit OS.
Exporting changes in the registry is really good feature. It will be useful to make .reg file to make changes from 1-st snap to 2-nd and .reg to revert changes from 2-nd snapshot to 1-st.
Now it is a little bit difficult to see what changes were made in the registry because of description as text in the brackets. I think it will be better to display changes of, for example, registry key into two lines somewhere in the list out of tree view with remarks “new value” and “old value”.
I hope that my comment will help you to make System Explorer better :)
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Under review
Thank you very much for suggestions.. We will review how to implement it.
Adding manualy drive like usb drive or even boot partition for snapshot would be great, and md5 for instalated windows system files.