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SE crashes whilst exiting the "build text log" function in snapshots panel

BGM coder 6 years ago updated by Support (Developer) 6 years ago 1
Ah - I was learning how to use snapshots. I had created one a long time ago and so today I created a new one. Then I did the "compare snapshots". That works great. I clicked on "Export to text file" but there was so many changes that it was taking longer than I wanted to wait, so I clicked on "Main > Exit" in the snapshot window. The tray icon froze with no reading. Then I saw the history tab no longer displayed any info, so I exited the program, and when I restarted it, I got the dialog for sending the error report with the log, which I am glad to fill out, but the email-sending kept erroring out.  I couldn't close the log window and couldn't restart SE, so I had to use *choke* Task Manager.  After that SE would start, but the history panel still doesn't report anything.

So, the problem was that I exited the snapshot browser whilst it was building a text file version of the changes.
Under review
Very strange behaviour..could you please send me logs? please follow http://systemexplorer.net/onlinehelp.php?t=troubleshooting