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Error in translation in Czech

Xorc 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 4
Error in translation in Czech

Draped information tab images


PS: you have a donate system?
I want to contribute to the project
I can't comment regarding the bug with the Czech localisation, but I also have wanted there to be a constant donate button on the main site for years, now.

I do remember an email conversation a while back with Miroslav, where he said he tends to only put up the donation button from time to time when he's unable to pay the site's web hosting fees.

So (and I do apologise for derailing this bug thread into a donation suggestions one), I know Miroslav invests a heap of his own time into System Explorer, without any payment in return. However, do you think, Miroslav, that you could possibly add a donation button to the front page, so users who want to donate are able to contribute?
Yes exactly like I thought :-)

Just don't understand what you mean with the Czech language
that this bug will be repaired?
Under review
Sorry for slow response... I will check and fix this bug...I'm from Czech Republic so it's shame :-) (Dlouho jsme asi v cestine aplikaci netestovali, jinak si to nedovedu vysvetlit) We sometimes had donation button on pages, but we don't need donations now..You can help in different ways... send tip to our software to your friends...or report bug....or just simple use our software. :-) Thank you
No offense but after two months by the bug might already be fixed...