Vista reports Error 1084 (In Safe Mode) & doesn't Start Service.

Barrie Sharples 7 years ago updated by Support (Developer) 6 years ago 5

Trying to sort boot-up problems, can only start in Safe mode with Networking.

System Explorer d/loads but will not run/register.

Anyone got a bright idea for me to try?

Try to start SystemExplorer.exe /NOSERVICE

Thanks for response, but I don't understand instruction. When I try to open prog. it runs setup, & automatically tries to start. The webpage states thanks for downloading etc but Start service fails 9 1084)

Sorry if I am missing an obvious point.

System Explorer should be installed in c:\program files\system explorer or c:\program files(x86)\system explorer directory. in this directory make file start.bat, type there systemexplorer.exe /NOSERVICE , save file and try to start it.

Sorry, no luck with that. :-(

I'm sorry... the message with start /NOSERVICE is still same?