MS Sysnternals Process Explorer vs your System Explorer

BJEvS 6 years ago updated by Edward27821 6 years ago 3
Trying to settle on a single system monitor. And not to be rude!!!, but is there something about this product that MS Sysinternals Process Explorer, or the other 69 other apps in the MS suite does not do? I use MS Security Essentials for virus...

I really am not being sarcastic. But want to learn just one process monitor/app well to debug things like CPU overload. Task Manager, and Resource Monitor from MS are not specific enough.

In this case a particular a Google CHROME PID is being abusive and hogging the CPU. But the CHROME browser seems to refer to all parts of it's products as Chrome.exe *32. Guess every part of Chrome divides itself into many separate executable parts so if one fails the rest don't?!

There must have been reason(s) to create this product of yours (and free), so a little help to steer me one way or the other.

Every application has specific combination of features, user interface...... if you are happy with Process Explorer then there is no need to change it. It's great piece of software. 
Process Explorer shows some processes (in particular = System Idle Process [using 95% of the CPU]) that System Explorer does not show, but is unable to change the priority. 

Is there an application that will limit the CPU usage of System Idle Process?