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Make Screen Print Tool Optional

Carl Falstrom 6 years ago updated by Support (Developer) 6 years ago 3
A great system tool just keeps getting better. I am wondering if you could make the new Print Screen functionality a user-selectable feature.
Under review
It is optional. You can disable it in options.
Hello all,
Came here to this forum because of the screen courier too.

I believe the option to use it or not should be before installation. I don't think its good to install new applications without any warning (didn't find it on the website or any info before installation) especially one that send files over the internet.

Kept seeing the pop after installing v5 without knowing where it came from.

Asides from this, system explorer is a great tool have been using for a long time know. Keep up the great work.
This is not new application. It's part of system explorer. I think it's not problem in name of the displayed window which is same as name of the standalone app. If I rename the window to System Explorer Screen Courier then it could help to determine where the window belongs...I could also add to window option to fast disabling this feature.

Make this feature off by default means I could remove it from System Explorer because noone will find it.