Security alert after installation: This Websense category is filtered: Application and Software Download

Robert Hoiss 6 years ago updated by talkinrock 6 years ago 1
At the end of the installation process a securrity alert is raised on my company's computer. Any impact on system explorer installation? Here's the alert:
This Websense category is filtered: Application and Software Download. Sites in this category may pose a security threat to network resources or private information, and are blocked by your organization.
Mistercz could probably answer this more definitively and down to the technical aspects than could I, but I assume that the message you received was due to to the fact that SE accesses certain privileged areas of Windows that your company's firewall aims to make sure don't get altered by malware downloads.

In other words, I'm almost certain you're safe, and that the message you got was just letting you know that SE is able to show information on certain parts of your computer about which your company is just trying to be cautious.


EDIT: After re-reading your original post, it seems that your company is just trying to safeguard against any and all software downloads on corporate machines. So, not that I, personally, doubt the integrity of SE in the least bit, but in case you are unsure of whether or not SE is "safe," try installing various other tools that you know are 100% secure (as in ones you use on your home machine), just to see if you receive the same warning.

Also, just in case I misinterpreted your question in my answer above, as for if there is any "impact" on the installation of SE itself—again, Mistercz would probably be able to answer this better than myself—but I would just try using SE as per you normally would, and see if everything works well without any error messages popping up. If error messages do show up, the easiest "fix" in my opinion would be to just use the portable executable of SE, as (typically) you won't have to worry about any corporate warnings hampering installation, seeing as portable apps don't even require an installation from the get go. However, if you must have the installed version, and if said errors persist during normal usage of SE, then try asking your company's IT rep to ask for a temporary whitelisting so that you can re-install System Explorer. :-)