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Error message: Systemexplorer.exe - Bad Image C:\windows\system32\services.exe not designed to run on windows

Ronald Feddersen 6 years ago updated by Robert Headley 6 years ago 32
Would like to reinstall if it can be fixed, have used it for years and like it very much. Just a guess, but I am running 64bit WIN7 & I didn't see an option for that on the latest, 4.5.0 download.
Very strange message. Please try to redownload and reinstall system explorer. It runs on 64bit win7 without problems
I have redownloaded and reinstalled several times. The result is always the same: the error message appears shortly after installing and halts processing until closed. Sometimes it must be closed multiple times to resume running. Once System Explorer is exited, machine runs fine. I did not have this problem prior to version 4.5.0. I have uninstalled again awaiting a fix.
Have same problem with message:
The computer is an HP Compaq Elite 8300
I have to uninstall again
I got the same problem today after windows update updated the complete Office 2013 package to SP1 ++.
Correction: In my case the complaint is on the file C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15\1033\GrooveIntlResource.dll and I get the message 10 times when starting System Explorer.
Reinstallation did not fix this.
Glad to see that I'm not the only one with this problem. I downloaded and installed version 4.7.0 today and instantly got the same error. I'm am going to send this problem and a link to this discussion to the "Windows Secrets" news letter to see if they have any ideas about this. I'll post anything I learn here.
Under review
Thank you for information. We will try to find where is the problem.
I happy that support is taking a second look at this; I really like the program and find it very useful. There is a difference in effects from version 4.5.0 to 4.7.0; in the earlier version the error message continually regenerated, piling up messages so fast that ending the program was difficult. In version 4.7.0 the error message occurs occasionally and can be clicked off. Other than the error message display my computer & System Explorer seem to run fine.
Could you please try new beta version http://systemexplorer.net/download2/SystemExplorerSetup_480_beta2.exe ? This version contains many changes and new error reporting system. If some error happens then special dialog for sending crash information is displayed on next System Explorer start. Thank you
Installed 4.8.0 Beta and it is running fine so far, no error messages or other errant behavior. Thanks you very much for fixing this pgm, I find it very useful in a variety of ways.
After 2 days of no problems & filling out error report form on start up saying no problems, the same old error has started to occur!! I periodically get the "SystemExplorer.exe - Bad Image" error message. The problem is not as severe as it was previously because when you click it off it takes a few minutes before recurring. Other than the display of the message the computer & System Explorer run fine. The only thing I did differently today is click on the new settings link on the mouse-over popup. I didn't change anything just looked at it. Hope this all help for a complete solution.
Very very strange...could you please send screenshot of the error window?
I will also restart and see if error report form appears.
Thank you... i don't understand why the services.exe can't be recognized as executable file. Did you try check the file via virustotal.com service?
Got a clean bill of health (0/51 rating) from virus total. I don't think it's related but just in case: .when I first tried to send the file to virustotal it complained that the file was empty, but that it had analyzed it numerous times before and found it safe. The file shows 321KB when I search for it outside of virus total. When I asked virustotal to reanalyze the file it happily did so and and gave the above results.
After 2 days of no "bad Image" error messages with 4.0.8 Beta, I downloaded installed version 5.0.1 today. I received one Bad Image message on installation and have gotten a few more at random intervals. They click off easily and other than being a bit annoying, seem to have no effect on computer or program operation.
Sorry for problems...Could you please make and send log? Please follow http://systemexplorer.net/onlinehelp.php?t=troubleshooting
Going back to 4.0.8 Beta.
Tried 5.5.0 for a week, but the problem continues so I must uninstall once again.
All the posts on the spurious error message are old.  I see no new complaints.  Recently installed System Explore.  Running Windows Vista Home Edition, have been for a few years, 32 bit system.. This  same Bad Image..... message after running Malware MegaBites (sp?)..  Has problem been solved? This newbie to System Explore (Kim Komando recommended. She's my favorite Go To for all manner of useful info.)  would like to know what to do.  Anxious to have system 100%. Thanks.
We did not invoke this problem on our system....any new report with more details could help.
Just tried 5.9.4 in hopes that this error might have been resolved, but no luck. I sure hope that it gets fixed one day; it is definitely the best program of its kind available.
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Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Patched up to date
System Explorer
0/54 - Though the comments are interesting. 

Just tried 5.9.4 in hopes that this error might have been resolved, but no luck. I sure hope that it gets fixed one day; it is definitely the best program of its kind available.
I agree. As great as Process explorer is, this program does some things that PE does not. It is a shame that I can not use it. 
I am going to have to uninstall until this problem is fixed.