Not a bug

Latest version hijacked ctrl+alt+S from other applications in classic mode

WolvenSpectre 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 4
use ctrl+alt+S for my text to speech software which I have run alongside SE for years.  All of a sudden SE hijacked ctrl+alt+S for the system utilities menu.  I am attempting reinstall and if not that rolling back to previous version.
Please disregard.  The error was appearently a bug that was causing my Logitech LCore gaming hardware software and Balbolka, my TTS software to malfunction but express it in other running software.  Possibly because I have it mapped to my G600 MMO mouse.

At first it was only System Explorer and it seemed to correct itself when it was closed or when menus weren't displayed.  I assume it was attempting to execute Alt+S and somehow ignoring the Ctrl.  After uninstalling SE and reporting the bug, it moved to my browser, then to the Windows 8 services window.

Sorry for the bad report.
Under review
Ok thank you very much.
BTW Thank you very much for this keen bit of kit you made.  I work with allot of older PCs and new ones too and I couldn't tell you how many times and all the ways your software has saved my bacon, or at least let me get a handle on what was wrong.