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Automate Security check and alerts!

pentium vsamd 4 years ago 0
Please add option to automate the security check in Processes and Modules and Alert if unknown or any other then Safe are in memory.
This will add a new safety option and bring your app in the security suite range.

Please bring back classic left vertical tab

ebola777 4 years ago • updated by Support (Developer) 4 years ago 5
I don't really like the original tab layout, it's hard to find a tab with narrow width and can accidentally drag it to change the order.
Please bring back the old left menu.
Under review

Performance Tab not indicating each cores activity.

Clever Mind 4 years ago • updated 4 years ago 4
Process usage section, under Performance Tab not indicating each cores activity. All previous versions of System Explorer indicated per core activity. Since version 5.00 of System Explorer, no activity noted. Overall usage of CPU is shown but not per core. Same results from all versions of 5 which included 5.00, 5.01, 5.02, and 5.03. CPU model is AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition. Windows 7 x64 SP1. All other windows in Process Tab indicate changing values.

oc cpu freqency wrong

killerstiff 4 years ago • updated by talkinrock 4 years ago 1
Thank you for system explorer, it is really a fantastic software!

I just overclocked my system (Win7 Ultimate/64, intel i5 2500k,asus p8p67, 8 GB DDR3) to 4,3 gHz and noticed that systemExplorer shows the clock freq as 3301 when AI SuiteII reports about 4300.

I would like to see cpu frequency in the "performance" Tab, in future :)

System Explorer service start failed!

Rudolf Spielbauer 4 years ago • updated by Peter Rohr 1 year ago 1
When updating to a new version I always get the error message

And after clicking "Ja":

But restarting the computer doesn't solve the problem. I always have to uninstall the program and then to reinstall. But this time even that didn't work!
Under review

Show MAC address and IP Address in "Additional Info"

BGM coder 4 years ago • updated by Support (Developer) 4 years ago 1
As a network administrator, I use System Explorer to tune the computers on my network.  It would be very nice if I could see some other info in "Additional Info":

  • MAC Address
  • IP Address (ipv4 at least)
This is the main thing I would like to see, and would use alot.

Some other information that would be nice would be:
  • Motherboard information (processor, etc.)
  • It would also be nice if I could use System Explorer to tell me about the user's RAM configuration (kind of like Speccy and SIW can do).

Under review

enable or disable the information window that appeared when passed over tray icon

Alfredo Tesarik 4 years ago • updated by Elbard Luero 4 years ago 4
with newer versions can not enable or disable the information window that appeared when passed over tray icon

services tool lacking

Steven Ross 4 years ago • updated by Support (Developer) 4 years ago 2
The services tool has no way of showing or setting automatic(delayed) startup, which makes the services tool almost useless.

Enable multiple selection in order to manage several processes at once. (holding Ctrl + clicking)

Gabriel Ribeiro 5 years ago • updated by talkinrock 4 years ago 6
Simple. I just don't know if it's hard to code, though. Just ctrl+clicking several processes to deal with them via context menu. If it's possible, please add this feature.
Support (Developer) 4 years ago
It was close to release it in version 4.6 but it needs more testing before release.

System Explorer crashes after Change User Account

Lucien Phoenix 4 years ago 0
Hi and good orning @all

here i have a Bug from Systemexplorer .For a long time i wrote
this here and never get a response on this.So i write thi again
and hope this time it will be better.

So here the Problem:

I have two Accounts on my Win 7 32 Bit Machine an when i
have finished a Session on one of the Accounts and i switch
back to the other,everytime i have switch back on a Account
System explorer Crashes with this Error Message.

Fatal Error - System Explorer Service Halted.!

After this Error i can start System Explorer again without

Please Fix this Problem.

Best Regards

Lucien Phoenix